Purchase that is clearly different from ordinary purchase stores

Purchase that is clearly different from ordinary purchase stores

Umigamedo is a directly managed purchase shop for all products.

Since it is a direct sale, there is no upper limit purchase price like chain purchase stores, so it is possible to assess up to the limit price by original purchase.

You will surely be satisfied with the purchase price at the highest price.

In addition, since our store is operated by our company, we do not need expenses such as royalties that are common in chain stores, so we are confident that our customers will have a difference in the purchase price from other companies by reflecting it in the purchase price.

Kaigamedo is confident not only in purchasing but also in selling power.   We sell at stores, sell on the Internet, and sell at domestic and overseas auctions, and the important products sold by our customers are passed on to collectors and buyers all over the world.

customer’s voice

Kanagawa Prefecture  44 year old woman

I happened to find Umigamedo on the Internet when I was asked to assess it at a local purchase shop or antique shop and the price was reasonable.   Maybe? I thought.

When I asked for an assessment, it cost me about three times as much as other shops.   To be honest, I thought it was a mistake, but I was surprised that it was true.

I would appreciate it if it was sold at a high price anyway, so I decided to sell it immediately.

I’m glad I met a really good shop.   Please let me use it again.