A wide variety of purchased genres

A wide variety of purchased genres

Where should I sell it?   Where should I consult?   Want to sell in bulk?

However, I would like experts to take a closer look and make an appropriate assessment.

We have received many opinions from many customers, and we are purchasing with a system that can answer such concerns and inquiries.

Accurate assessment by appraisers and appraisers corresponding to each genre and all genres that can be purchased in their entirety make it safe and convenient to use

We handle Corresponded products, precious metals, jewelry, antiques, fine arts, and recycled products.

In addition, a very rare perfume appraiser is also enrolled at Umigamedo, and we receive many transactions and consultations from home and abroad.   Please leave it to us and feel the peace of mind.

Customer’s voice

Nagano Prefecture 58 year old woman

My parents died, and I found out about Umigamedo while considering disposing of antiques that my father had collected as a hobby and tea ceremony tools that my mother had done as a hobby.

To be honest, I didn’t really like the image of the antique shop, and I was wondering where to ask, so I asked an acquaintance to introduce me.

The appraiser was also young, and the correspondence was polite, and I was surprised that it was completely different from my image.

In the end, I sold most of my parents’ belongings, so I was able to clean up my parents’ relics with confidence.

I am grateful for the really good relationship.