Many female customers

Many female customers

Our shop receives many requests from female customers.

In the results from 2018 to 2020, more than 60% are female customers, and it is also an attraction of our shop that they can repeat.   When a male staff member visits your home, we will work at the front door according to your request and will come to your house with a clean appearance.

We also constantly educate our staff so that female customers can feel at ease, such as using words that are not rude and thorough attitudes.

Customer’s voice

 Nagano Prefecture 50 year old woman

Umigamedo bought it at a satisfactory price.   Although he was a young shop owner, he had a wealth of knowledge and was able to trade with confidence.

He had me seriously face the consultation of the purchase price, and it was a satisfactory price.

After all, I am convinced that the usage rate of women is high.   It’s a little-known store!