Accurate assessment with professional connoisseurs

 Accurate assessment with professional connoisseurs

Staff without specialized knowledge are available for purchase assessments at chain stores.   Therefore, it is not uncommon for the assessment results to be roughly based on image judgments made online with the headquarters and judgments based on manuals.   Then, even the precious items may not be evaluated properly and may be sold at a low price.

Professional assessment must combine experience points, accurate data, and a sense of market price.

In some cases, the texture of the item, which cannot be judged from the image, is touched and judged.

Professional assessors usually pick up and evaluate many items, and carry out assessment and appraisal work with the utmost care so that there are no false evaluations.   In addition, in the case of a perfume appraiser, the sense of smell must be particularly sensitive, and if there is an abnormality in the sense of taste or smell, no assessment / appraisal is performed.

Umigamedo assessors do not allow professional compromises in their work.

Customer’s voice

Last year, when acquaintance’s uncle died, I went to his home to sort out the relics.   Among them was an old tree.   I thought Driftwood?  But it seems that it was a kind of fragrant tree.    It was bought.   If I don’t ask, it was trashed.  Then it was thrown away as garbage.

I’m really glad that Umigamedo found the value!